Banning Residence

Project Description:


The Banning Ohana were faced with a common predicament – wanting the benefits of PV panels, but not wanting them on the roof of their house. By installing an EcoShade solar support structure that could both carry the panels they needed to “zero out” their energy consumption and was large enough to park their cars under, the Banning’s were able to “kill many birds with one stone”.

With the completion of their EcoShade Solar Carport, the Banning Ohana got the PV they needed to no longer pay HICO for energy. They also saved the roof of their house from warranty-voiding roof penetrations, potential leaks and unsightly solar panel arrays. And they got a parking structure for their two cars that protects them both from weather, but also qualified for solar investment tax credits, meaning they received tax credits not only for the PV installation, but also for the entire structure holding the panels.